Summer trip to Paddy’s Hole

Paddy's hole summer trip

Four camera club members got together for a summer outing recently and went to photograph Paddy’s Hole which is at South Gare in Redcar and Cleveland.  The area is very popular with photographers and for good reason, along with the boats, fishing huts and lighthouse there is plenty to photograph.

Paddy's hole summer trip
South Gare – image taken by Andrew Fletcher

Priorities were observed; Tony, Andrew, Ivor and Micheal met up and firstly got chips to line their bellies before starting the important business of photography!  They arrived in plenty of time for sunset.  There was open skies which isn’t the best for landscape photography but you always have to make the best of what you have.  When it got darker and hit the blue hour the nearby factory lights came on, it became more interesting to photograph.  All agreed it was a good trip and experience; they learnt a lot from the trip and each other.  We shall have to wait and see if any pictures make it into any competitions!

You can read more about South Gare here

Paddy's hole summer trip
South Gare –  image taken by Andrew Fletcher