Rishi Sunak M.P. visits the first day of our exhibition

Rishi Sunak visit to Wensleydale Camera Club

Rishi Sunak visit to Wensleydale Camera Club

We were delighted to welcome Rishi Sunak M.P. to the opening day of our Annual Exhibition.

During his visit, Mr Sunak asked many questions about the history of the Club, its activities and members, and about the images on display.In particular, Mr Sunak received some expert guidance from Len on capturing damsel flies in the act of reproduction(!) and was introduced to materials from the Club’s archive, copies of which Digby presented to Mr Sunak on his departure.

The exhibition features not only amorous insects but also Steam-Punks from Whitby, street life in Syria, landscapes from far and wide, and stunning natural history shots. We are immensely grateful to Mr Sunak for his visit and support.