September 2021 – April 2022

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The Leyburn Bolton Arms

This is the programme for the club for the 2021-2022 season.  For physical meetings we meet on Mondays at the Bolton Arms in Leyburn, 7.15 for a 7.30 pm start.  There is plenty of parking and an opportunity for social time after the meetings which normally finish about 9pm.   On-line meetings use a variety of different social media platforms dependent on the guest speakers – details are published in advance of the meetings.  The programme is subject to change at any time.  We recommend members join the whatsapp group to receive immediate updates and information, however we will also send information out via email.

For information about competition rules, see our Competitions page.

All dates are Mondays unless otherwise indicated.

13 September 2021 – Bolton Arms

Awards Evening and Prize Giving
A warm welcome to new and existing members.  We will explain about the programme for the year, answer any questions you may have, explain details about competitions and printing out your work.  And then, we will present awards and prizes for last years season that had to be postponed because of lockdown.  A small buffet will be provided.

20 September 2021 – Bolton Arms

Review of photographs (dpi’s and prints) to be considered for the NYSDPA Club Competitions
The North Yorkshire and South Durham Photographic Association runs an annual competition, both club and individual.  We want members to submit photographs that they would like to enter and for us to have a look at those photographs as a group.  We want to have more entries this year so we can compete more effectively, particularly in the club competition.  If you have a photo you think is good then send it to Paul so we can present them all and have a look.  The week after we plan to try and recommend what pictures should go into the final competition.  More details are on the competitions page.

25 September 2021 (Saturday) – Masham Sheep Fair

Club Outing to Masham Sheep Fair
In the past we have had some amazing photos of sheep – not surprising where we live.  But the sheep fair offers a great way to practice our photography.  We hope the show will go ahead. Details of the show can be found here.  Details of meet up times etc will be announced later.

27 September  – Bolton Arms

Review of Entries for the NYSDPA competition.
At this meeting we will review our final submissions for the NYSDPA competition.  A great chance to look at some of our best pictures.

4 October  – Bolton Arms

Developing your photographic skills – bring along your photographs
Bring along up to 4 images to share with the club.  We will look at the photographs, discuss them and learn from them.  We will consider what makes a good photograph, particularly with a view to competitions, but also in general because for most people we just like to enjoy the pictures we take.

11 October  – Bolton Arms

Review of the Top Scoring Images from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
This evening we will look at the images from the PAGB cup competitions and understand what made them the top pictures.  You can enjoy this from the comfort of your own home.  Details of how you access the presentation will be published before the meeting.

18 October 2021 – Bolton Arms

A guide to camera lenses.  (this is a change from the published programme.  Video editing will now be in February)

All you need to know about different camera lenses and when to use them.  This will be a practical handson.  We will discuss lenses from no lens at all, as in pinhole cameras, through to tilt and shift. Bring along your camera and lenses and join the discussion about different lenses and when to use them.

Warning: You may get some ideas for a Christmas Present.

25 October 2021 – Bolton Arms

Developing your photographic skills – session 2
Bring along up to 4 images to share with the club.  We will look at the photographs, discuss them and learn from them.  We will consider what makes a good photograph, particularly with a view to competitions, but also in general because for most people we just like to enjoy the pictures we take.


1 November – now in Bolton Arms

PAGB Distinctions
The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain explain how some photographs are marked as a distinction.  What makes them this level, could we achieve this level in our photography?  Find out more.  This is a recorded lecture that we will watch in the Bolton Arms.  (Originally planned for online).

8 November 2021 – Bolton Arms

Night Time Street Photography
We are planning a night time street photography session in Leyburn. We’ll meet in the Bolton Arms, then go out onto the streets of Leyburn and do some night time shooting, think long exposure, creative lighting and bring a tripod (you’ll be able to borrow one if you don’t have one).  We can warm up in the Bolt again afterwards.  

15 November 2021 – Bolton Arms

Review our Night Time Street Photography Images
We’ll have a look at our images from last week.  Bring along your photographs (memory stick) or send to Paul in advance.  I wonder what worked and what didn’t work and why.  A chance for us all to learn.

22 November 2021 – Changed to be in the Bolton Arms

The Essential Guide to Wildlife Photography
The PAGB provide a recorded guide on wildlife photography.  We will watch this in the Bolton Arms.  

This the hand-in date for our open competition number one.

26 November 2021 – Friday – details tba

The NYSDPA Competition Presentation
Last year this was online.  This is the presentation where the winners of the NYSDPA competition are announced.  This is not a Wensleydale club event but presented by another club and may be subject to invitation  – more details to follow.

29 November 2021 – This is now    Being held virtually. See emails for zoom meeting details.

A chance to look at the actual pictures from the NYSDPA Silver Salver competition
We get to have a physical look at the prints from the NYSDPA individual photographic competition last week.  Always better to see them up front.

6 December 2021 – Bolton Arms

Photographing the Night Sky
A lecture from club member Mark Ashcroft on photographing the night sky.  We will talk technique, exposure lengths, where to point the camera and much more.

13 December 2021 – in the Bolton Arms.

Open Competition Number 1 – Results
At this meeting a judge will go through their appraisal of our open competition one photographs and score them for us.  They will explain what they like and why.

20 December 2021 – Bolton Arms – Cancelled

Yuletide Social and print Secret Santa
This will be a social evening with a meal in the Bolton Arms.  We will do a photographic secret santa where each member prints off a photograph for another member.  All details to follow.

10 January 2022 – Bolton Arms – Now being held online – see emails or whatsapp group for details.

A chance to have a look at the prints from the NYSDPA Club Competition
We will look this time at the prints from the NYSDPA club competition.

17 January 2022 – location tba (Bolton Arms if forecast is poor)

Photographing the Night Sky Practical
The plan is to go out and photograph the night sky.  We will have some telescopes and tripods available but we need a clear sky.  If not, we will remain in the Bolton Arms where Mark Ashcroft will go into more detail about some of the more specialist equipment that is available to use and show you how to use it.

24 January 2022 – Online Presentation

The Art of Macro Photography  – Tony North
Tony will be giving an on-line lecture about macro photography.

31 January 2022 – location tba or online presentation.

Reserve Night Sky Photograph Session or explaining the workflow for processing night sky images.
In case the sky was not clear last time, this is our second chance.  

07 February 2022 – Online Presentation

Dog Photography with Darren Brown
Lots of us have dogs, lots of us have friends with dogs.  Have you ever been asked to take a shot of them.  Darren will explain how he does it.  This will be an online presentation from the comfort of our homes, details to follow.

14 Feburary 2022 – Bolton Arms

A look at our night sky photographs
Hopefully everyone will have had a chance to take some night sky photographs.  We’ll share our photos and discuss what we came up with.  Mark Ashcroft will help with explain any issues anyone has had.  The Yorkshire Dales dark skies festival follows the next week.

21 February 2022 – Bolton Arms

Creating Videos for YouTube – workflow capture from creation to publication
Club member, Mark Ashcroft, will show you the process by which video taken on our cameras can be quickly edited and then published to services such as Youtube or Facebook.  Our cameras often have amazing video capabilities and being able to make a quick edit and publish can take a lot of pain out of the process and you can enjoy these quality videos. guide to lenses and when to use them

Hand in Date for open Club Competition number two

28 Februrary 2022 – Bolton Arms

Mirrorless versus DSLR (or other) cameras
We invite our members to bring in their cameras for us to have a look at.  Some members are using the new mirrorless formats, some are using older formats.  What are the differences, what are the issues, what are the benefits.  This will be a hands-on look and discussion about cameras.

07 March 2022 – Online Presentation

Creative Flower Photography with Cherry Larcombe
This is an online lecture from Cherry about creative flower photography.  Perfect as we come into Spring.

14 March 2022 – Bolton Arms

A practical session on photographing flowers (and other plants)
We’ll have the chance to practice some indoor flower photography.  Bring in something you want to photograph (still life) and we’ll set up some studio lighting and backgrounds to try and use some of the techniques we have seen or want to have a go at.

21 March 2022 – Bolton Arms or Online (tbd)

Club Competition Number Two Results
A guest judge will give us the results of our second open competition.

Hand in Date for the Annual Competition

28 March 2022 – Bolton Arms

A look at the photographs we took on flower (plant) photography.
We can have a look at the photographs we took two weeks ago – how did we do?

04 April 2022 – Bolton Arms

Club Annual General Meeting (AGM)

All members are welcome

11 April 2022 – Bolton Arms

Results of the Annual Club Competition
A guest judge will review the last of our club competitions – the annual!

9 April 2022 – Saturday – High Batts Nature Reserve

Club trip to High Batts Nature Reserve
All being well we can get a chance to practice our outdoor wildlife, macro and flower photography at High Batts nature reserve near Ripon.

25 April 2022 – Bolton Arms

Awards Evening and Close of Season Social Evening
We will present awards and prizes for this years season.  A small buffet will be provided.