Masham sheep fair

Outing to Masham sheep fair 30th September

We had our final summer camera club outing to Masham sheep fair on Saturday 30th September 2017.  

Andrew and Digby both went to this busy and enjoyable event that us is a time honoured tradition and held annually in Masham.  This year they were raising funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and other local charities.  The air ambulance even made an appearance!  Activities included the very popular sheep racing, sheepdog display with the ducks and the Sheep Show.  You can find out more about Masham Sheep Fair on their website.  

After an early shower the sun came out for Andrew and Digby and they had fun watching the sheep racing and took some photos to try to capture the atmosphere. Andrew fed back that it's not just about the sheep, there's plenty of other things going on to photograph and enjoy.  Andrew's images that he took on the day are below.  


Masham Sheep Fair