David Speight: Lost in the Landscape, 11 February

“However unrealistic it may seem, I’m always of the unwavering belief that just over the next hill or round the next bend of the river, something spectacular is going to happen and the surrounding layers of countryside and hills are going to naturally fall into place, creating that perfect and definitive composition. On a personal level, there really is no better and rewarding feeling than knowing you have put the work in beforehand, getting to know a new area and finally putting together a few compositions that you know to be your best efforts. If you can achieve this just once in a while, it really doesn’t matter too much what anyone else thinks of those images.”

A native of Yorkshire, few people know its landscapes as well as David Speight. 

Since setting up in business as a landscape photographer in 2007, David has developed an impressive portfolio of work with clients such as easyJet, the Ordnance Survey, ITV and BBC, and his work can be found in cafés and galleries around Yorkshire. 

Members may also know David through his location-based workshops, where his enthusiasm, energy and expertise always inspire. 

If the weather isn’t playing ball or the light isn’t just right, David always has an idea for an alternative location that makes the best of the conditions. 

David will be presenting “Lost in the Landscape”, an insight into how he searches out roads less travelled and vistas less photographed. Come along to enjoy the ride and pick up tips on technique, equipment, composition and shoot/location planning.

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Attermire Scar (David Speight)
Keld, Swaledale (David Speight)
Littondale (David Speight)
Winskill Stones, Malhamdale (David Speight)
Marrick Moor (David Speight)