We hope you enjoyed our show.

Our friends at the Wensleydale Railway need your help.

As you may know, the Railway is a charity run by volunteers. It does this mainly through offering rides on its heritage rail line from Leeming Bar to Redmire.

Over the years many thousands of adults and children alike have enjoyed the Railway’s work. But without visitors to help raise funds for urgent restoration work, its future looks uncertain.

If you can help with a donation, no matter how small, you will be helping to keep this marvellous institution running.

Click on the loco to the left to visit the Railway’s website and make the donation.

Thank you!

This is our usual home, the lovely Leyburn Bolton Arms.

Our thoughts are with Louise, her family and team.

When this is all over, do drop in, have a drink,
sit by the fire, treat yourselves to a meal (the food is great).

We will.

The Leyburn Bolton Arms, from 2018. We're missing you!
The Leyburn Bolton Arms, from 2018. We're missing you!

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If you are interested in purchasing prints of any of the images, please drop us a line via the Contact link.

9 thoughts on “Arrivals

  1. Welcome on board and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your images, there is a lot of talent in this group. Enjoy and stay alert.

  2. There is so much to learn from exhibitions. Most pictures are of everyday scenes and objects, but the way they are photographed allows us the pleasure of seeing them differently. This selection is most enjoyable, with so much talent for a small club. I hope the photographers are as proud as they ought to be.

  3. I really enjoyed your exhibition – a variety of genres and masses of talent – well presented. Thank you so much for sharing your annual exhibition with us – I just might be able to persuade my club to put an exhibition on line – that is when we emerge from this present incarceration. Well done everyone

  4. What a great exhibition! Thanks for giving us an insight into some amazing talents which are often just hidden in plain view in our communities. Looking forward to the next opportunity to drop in at the Bolton Arms and the Wensleydale Railway.

  5. An inspiring compilation of photographs that captures the splendour in everything. The magnificent countryside on your doorstep elevated to a heavenly level, that gently teases us, envious urban dwellers. Also, city architecture and industrial scenes transformed by light and perspective to beauty. So many remarkable pictures but the ironic personification in the title and subject ‘House Sparrow in Lockdown’ made me linger very much longer, and ‘Waiting’ presents warmth and charm that I supposed only existed in old Elstree films. Thank you for taking the time to give your annual exhibition to the world, marvellous efforts.

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