Norway’s Secret Beauty – Jed Wee

Northern lights
Landscape specialist Jed Wee’s reputation as one of the premier talents in the northeast ensured a strong turnout from members – plus a few guests – to Jed’s photographic tour of the Norwegian coast on 12 February.

His presentation did not disappoint: dramatic landscapes contrasted with serene seascapes, insights into isolated Arctic Circle settlements, curiosities such as air-dried cod heads and intricate “sand-trees”, all rounded off with a dazzling display of the infinite variety of patterns created by the aurora borealis.

While we admired the artistry on display, Jed talked us through the locations and offered tips on many aspects, including night shoots and infrared.

A very successful evening, much appreciated by all present.

To see more of Jed’s stunning work and learn more about Jed’s photography tours of Norway, visit: